The transport company Vijagus, within the European Union, transports cargo on various routes. Back in 2011, we started cargo transportation from Denmark and Germany, but with the year geography expanded. Main direction Denmark, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Sweden, France, Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, etc. countries of the European Union. We no longer limit ourselves to the transportation of standard or full loads. We transport cargoes for various purposes, the transportation of which requires additional care and attention. Transportation of full and partial cargoes is our daily work.

International cargo transportation :

• Cargo transportation.

• Partial cargo transportation.

• International cargo transportation.

• Metal cargo transportation.

• Transportation of recycled paper.

• Cargo tank transportation.


We ensure safe but fast cargo delivery :

• Civil liability insurance according to CMR requirements guarantees the safety of transported cargoes.
• All tractors and semi-trailers are covered by Casco and civil liability insurance.
• All vehicles of UAB "Vijagus" are authorised by the European Community.
• UAB "Vijagus" company trucks meet euro 6 and Euro 5 standard, equipped with modern GPS and GSM equipment.
• Trucks are equipped with OBU machines for scanning road taxes.

Trucks complete with tent curtain semi-trailers SCHMITZ and KRONE.
If you have any questions or suggestions, we will be happy to answer you:
By phone : +370 67972342
By e-mail : transport (eta)


Since 2012, the transport company Vijagus has been providing type A critical transportation services. Type A loads are materials for processing. We have permits to transport type A cargoes in many European Union countries (Germany, Denmark, The Netherlands, Poland, etc.). Our company's trucks are ready for A cargo transportation.


The semi-trailers of the transport company Vijagus are adapted for transporting metal. Trailers have holes to put supports and attach cargo to them. Some call the supports "runners", others "colic". Our drivers are familiarized with special instructions so that the cargo is delivered in accordance with all requirements.

Cargo transportation with tankers  :

Transport company Vijagus is also engaged in the transportation of bulk liquid cargoes in specialized transport. Most often we carry food loads : Oil, juice, etc. Sometimes we have international loads in gamebame with tankers divided into sections.